7 Mobile App Benefits for Small Businesses

With an average of 1,325 new apps released per day in the iOS App Store, it’s no surprise you’re always hearing the words, “There’s an app for that!” You see large, well-known corporations constantly launching and profiting from new applications. As a small business owner, you might think your business doesn’t need an app – but you’d be wrong. With advances in technology and the increase in mobile phone users, an app could be exactly what you need to take things to the next level. Here are seven mobile app benefits for small businesses.

1. Competitive Edge

Anything that has to do with mobile-friendly technology is cutting-edge. Whatever you already do online, can be done on mobile. If this is something you are thinking of doing for your marketing strategy, you will have an advantage and stand out from the competition. Contrary to apps from large, national corporations, small business’s apps offer a chance to feel connected on a more local, intimate level. With small businesses, a customer who sees a promo sign to “download our app” makes them curious to what you have to offer.

2. Relevance to Your Market

Social media interactions are like breathing for most people. Chances are, most (if not all) of your customer base is on their phone for a majority of their daily tasks, plans, interactions, and other life management. Having a mobile app can make you relevant because it brings brand awareness as they swipe or scroll past your icon, see your notifications, or as they interact with your brand. Their mind will associate your brand with that particular product or service you sell.

3. Loyal Following

Customer loyalty programs can be done easily as a part of your app, whether it’s tracking purchases, checking in, or even redeeming coupons and member promos. This not only rewards your customers and gives them incentive to use your app, but also keeps them coming back to you. A mobile app can build your tribe and your word of mouth marketing. People love feeling like they belong to something or are special VIPs. An app loyalty program is the way to go!

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4. Increase Sales

Depending on your industry, the point of sale could be done directly between your app and your inventory. Online transactions increase sales because they minimize the barriers to entry in closing a sale. Why do you think the online shopping industry is so big? It’s a clever strategy for attracting more users by offering them mobile coupons, discounts, and money-saving deals via an app. If your app has this ability, you just upped your chances for more revenue!

5. Simpler Customer Service

Meeting customers where they are makes it easier for them to come to you with any issues or complaints. This lessens frustration, since it’s essentially a direct connection to contact you. Customers don’t have to spend time searching for your website or phone number or trying to navigate various business hours or contact options. An app makes it convenient for them without having more reasons to be upset. It allows you to address the issue sooner and make the customer happy.

6. Cross-Promotion Opportunities

Partnering with companies that offer such discounts and deals will help pull a great many customers toward your business. Ensure that you partner with companies that are genuine with their offers. This will build your network and expose you to potential referrals from audiences you hadn’t targeted yet. A mobile app makes a great opportunity for cross-promotion and business relationships. It never hurts to build a support system from other entrepreneurs.

7. Simple to Create

You’re probably thinking that all these reasons for getting a mobile app are great, but it must cost a fortune! That can be true – but not if you do it the right way. There are options for small businesses to create an app without hiring developers or having to learn all that coding and computer stuff yourself. There are companies (like Evolution Brands) out there that do all that leg work for you and you pay for a membership or package. You don’t have to do it from scratch!

Building the perfect mobile app is all about finding the middle ground between your budget and your business’s unique needs. Like with any business endeavor, consider the upfront costs and time an investment to make you more profitable and successful in the long run. The mobile app benefits for small businesses can eventually outweigh the initial price tag.